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Officine Générale

Lookbook Spring Summer 2025



Sometimes there aren’t enough words to explain a collection. Conveying the connection between an inspiration and its sartorial interpretation can be anything but simple. To be honest, I've never been a big fan of creative concepts stretched from sock to shirt in an attempt to justify the mood of the season. My way ofworking is much more organic. Throughout the day, the week, the season, wherever I am and at whatever time of the day, I observe, note and scribble down details, attitudes, panoplies, materials, color combinations and ways of everyday dressing before reinterpreting them as an Officine Générale wardrobe that’s renewed from one season to the next, but without radical change. 

My musings and images for Spring-Summer 2025 converged on a Paris I had yet to explore. The Paris of the arts, of artists, of galleries... “But that’s Saint-Germain-des-Prés!” you may well reply. Bien sûr! But there’s more to it! Every arrondissement of Paris is beamingwith studios and artists. And all those spaces house talents who are viscerally dedicated to their work, who dress in comfortable outfits, chosen and composed with taste without too much time spent lingering in front of a mirror.

It's precisely that hard-to-define nonchalance — at once controlled, spontaneous and unique — that caught my attention for next summer. It translates into volumes that are a little wider than usual, and fabrics that are more smooth, fluid and light.
I've gone back to pure linen fabrics and linen/cotton blends for suiting. Shirt fabrics are fluid and textured. Denim comes in an uncommon olive green; knits are ultra-light and colors are fairly neutral, with whites and naturals used to great effect in the women's collection. Figurative prints pop up occasionally and the occasional knitted tie adds character to the men's silhouettes, which are easy and light.

Last spring, my wife Nina and I were so enthusiastic about finalizing this collection that we discussed it over dinner with our friends Gladys and Olivier from Galerie Chenel. And they asked us straightaway if we'd ever considered photographing it in an artistic context? The idea took root... It’s our pleasure to present a selection of Spring-Summer 2025 images taken in their magnificent gallery, amid Roman statues and Egyptian bronzes, along the Quais de Seine and in the Rue de Lille, I'm happy to unveil a selection of Spring-Summer 2025 images taken in their magnificent gallery. Over the last few weeks, I've been thinking that this collection needed to be presented in a different, more intimate format, closer to the clothes... As such, I'm delighted to welcome you to our showroom, with a studious yet convivial approach that recalls the early days of Officine Générale.

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Styling : Pierre Mahéo
Styling Assistant : Yumna Mirza
Image Director : Nina Mahéo
Photographer : Valentin Hennequin
Hair Stylist : Perrine Rougement
Make Up Artist : Miki Matsunaga
Models : Matthew Seymour - Josef Ptacek - Martyna Budna Seguin - Isha Senghore


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